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lykeiasl's Journal

13 November
I am devoted to Artemis and Zeus and priestess of Apollon. I like to think of myself as a world traveler though I have only been to two other countries but plan on seeing more in the future, particularly those areas connected with my gods. I am a wife and a mother. My husband is a sweetheart and my daughter is an adorable child thoroughly devoted to Zeus and Hera, though recently she has participated more with Apollon and has a statue of him in her room. Being isolated in the arctic as I am, my daughter is a great companion for rituals and our religious festivals that she throws herself into so enthusiastically. Recently I have given her permission to overtake the responsibilities to our family shrine to Zeus and Hera. My husband doesn't worship the gods, but he has always known of my religion from day one and has never had any problems with it, so while he doesn't participate in the rituals and our regular household worship he is an endless source of support and love.
I am a member of Hellenion, Neokoroi and some other online groups, so some folks may recognize me from there.
I am a poet and painter in my free time, with a BA degree in History and Minor in English Literature.